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Conscious DJ | Sebastian Gray

Conscious DJ

For a better world

DJ Sebastian Gray is committed to be a conscious DJ, caring actively about a great world, for everyone. He is well aware that we all need to contribute to prevent climate change, to make sure every child on earth gets a better outlook on life, to consume responsibly and to realize that those living in rich countries need to care about others in far less positive circumstances.

Sebastian Gray wants to support to get people to act on simple things like preventing plastic waste and using renewable energy. He also aims to inspire with a positive message and he is excited about new technologies that accelerate progress and are actually more fun than old technologies and mean freedom! Think about e-bikes, wearable solar solutions like backpacks that can charge your phone, WakaWaka and: Formula E.

Sebastian Gray donates 15% of his earnings to The Plastic Soup Foundation. More plastic in the sea than fish is simply not acceptable and with great techniques like 3D printing and inspirators like Boyan Slat, we should be able to solve this. Soon.

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